A vast majority of cooling equipment in the U.S. still use R-22 refrigerant. This is a problem, as the Montreal Protocol requires the U.S. to reduce its R-22 consumption by 90% come January 1, 2015. The EPA is clamping down on R-22 consumption, mandating the biggest drop ever from 51 million pounds in 2014 to just 22 million pounds in 2015. This is scheduled to be down to zero by 2020.

This means you’ll most likely need to use recycled refrigerant for any equipment that runs on R-22. Transitioning from R-22 to more environmentally friendly refrigerants can be costly, since you’ll probably need to replace all of your cooling equipment. To help out, we offer the refrigerant buyback program.

We and our equipment are fully certified by the EPA to recover used, contaminated or even burnt refrigerants. In exchange, we pay you for it. Not only do we give you great rates, our team of experts makes sure to squeeze every last bit of refrigerant possible while effectively separating contaminants. This lets us give you the highest value for your refrigerant possible. Our quick service also means no interruptions in your daily operations.

We do in house consolidation to avoid unnecessary leakage and waste, separate the refrigerant from contaminants using the latest technology, and get the highest purity and volume possible. This means you get paid the full value of your refrigerants. We can then either give you back good-as-new refrigerant, buy it from you, or exchange it for another, EPA-compliant type of refrigerant.

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