December 20th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

What Does Clean Exchange Mean? Michigan Refrigerants

Here at Refrigerant Services LLC we pride ourselves on what we can do for our clients. Specializing in refrigerants means we work in an area that’s constantly growing, and as such we want to help our clients grow as well. That means giving each and every customer the best possible deals that not o...  Read more

November 2nd2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

Refrigerant Reclamation 2020

As we turn over to a new decade, we have a chance for a fresh start—and a chance for new growth and profit for our business ventures. Any company would be wise to make the most of this chance with new revenue streams that can serve as the basis for a great year. Now we […]...  Read more

October 21st2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

2019 Michigan Refrigerant Services Buy Back Program Explained

Refrigerants have become incredibly important for modern businesses—from refrigeration for food services to HVAC units in offices. But by next year, many of the refrigerants used in older systems will have to be phased out. As part of the Montreal Protocol which governs the use of refrigerant chem...  Read more

September 27th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

How the Ozone Layer Works

Ozone is very rare in our atmosphere, averaging about three molecules of ozone for every 10 million air molecules. In spite of this small amount, ozone plays a vital role in the atmosphere. Ozone is mainly found in two regions of the Earth’s atmosphere. Most ozone (about 90%) resides in a laye...  Read more

August 20th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

What is R-22 and Why Reclamation Can Make You Money

R-22 is a colorless gas that also goes by the name of chlorodifluoromethane. Its most common name is Freon. Its use as a propellant and refrigerant has been banned by the EPA because of its high ODP or ozone depletion potential, and GWP or global warming potential. In short, R-22 refrigerants are a ...  Read more

June 22nd2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

Summer Heats and Refrigerants – A Cool New Revenue Stream

Ever wondered how the summer heat affects your refrigerant? To understand what happens, let’s take a look at a refrigeration system and how it keeps things cool. The purpose of a refrigeration system is to move heat from an area where it is not desired and dispose of it where it doesn’t matter. ...  Read more

May 19th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

2019 Refrigerants – What is the Montreal Protocol?

Come 2020, any and all equipment that utilizes R-22 refrigerants will either have to be phased out or retrofitted to utilize more environmentally safe refrigerants. The Montreal Protocol which calls for this ban on chemicals and substances that have proven to damage the environment has been a key pi...  Read more

April 22nd2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

Michigan April Showers Bring New Revenue Streams From Your Refrigerants

The flowers aren’t the only ones wishing for a great spring. Your business would also likely benefit from a shot in the arm this spring. New opportunities for growth are always great, and we think you may be missing out on one right now if you aren’t already taking advantage of it. If yo...  Read more

March 23rd2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

How to Schedule a Pick Up with Refrigerant Services

Modern businesses almost always deal with refrigeration these days. Food service, industrial processing, or even offices—the world is becoming increasingly reliant on being able to control the temperature. Not just for critical business processes like in supermarkets, but for creature comforts...  Read more

February 25th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery — Time to Get Started

A new year means a fresh chance for growth and expansion for your Company. Your business will do well to maximize revenue during the first quarter. I know, it seems easier said than done, but we believe we can help—if you’ve got old refrigerants and refrigerant cylinders lying around, th...  Read more

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