January 20th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

What Michigan Cold Weather Means for Refrigerants

It’s smack dab in the middle of winter and that means teeth-chatteringly cold temperatures in Michigan! What does this mean for any refrigerants that your business may use? To give an answer to that question, first we need to know the basics of the refrigeration cycle. The job of the refrigera...  Read more

December 26th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

2019 Refrigerant Resolutions – Turn Reclamation into a Profit

To put it simply, the idea behind our Clean Exchange Program is that we will take any old, unused refrigerant cylinders in your workplace and replace them with new ones. It doesn’t matter what kind of cylinder it is—whether or not it’s full or empty, and whether or not it’s e...  Read more

November 27th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

Onsite Refrigerant Recovery With Our Clean Exchange Program

As we close out the year many businesses are battening down the hatches for the winter season. There’s a sense that we should be looking toward the next year for new opportunities and new challenges. While the year may be winding down, that doesn’t mean your revenue stream needs to wind ...  Read more

October 28th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

Don’t Be Scared of Refrigerant Reclamation

As October comes to a close, we find ourselves once again facing the spooky part of the year. Halloween season! But oddly enough, the most terrifying thing we’ll probably encounter won’t be bloodsuckers, the living dead, or men who turn into beasts. No, that honor goes to missing out on ...  Read more

September 29th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

2018 Refrigerant Services Clean Exchange Program

We would like to use this blog post to talk about the environment and how it relates to your business. We truly think that companies, whether small or large, have a duty to help take care of the environment. There are many ways to do this, but one of the simplest ways is to be […]...  Read more

August 20th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

What the Summer Heat Means for Refrigerants

This summer, it’s not just people that are going on vacation. Your HVAC system might be taking a break from working as well! Why? The summer heat is killer for refrigerants. All that refrigerants really do, when it gets down to it, is move heat around. Your commercial HVAC unit takes heat from...  Read more

July 23rd2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

Learn About Our Refrigerant Buy Back Program

If you have your own business, it’s likely that you’re using refrigerants in some way – HVAC equipment and refrigeration units are becoming more and more important for modern industries. Basic creature comforts are a key component of maximizing your employees’ productivity. A...  Read more

June 22nd2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

R22 and Your Air Conditioner – Things to Know

With the approach of summer and warmer temperatures, your HVAC system is going to take on extra workload to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Obviously, the longer you run your HVAC system, the higher your electric bill will be. But what are the other effects this hot weather will have on yo...  Read more

May 17th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

The Future of Michigan Refrigerant Reclamation

Commercial refrigeration has experienced a big boom in recent years. Guaranteeing food quality and safety can only be satisfied by low temperature transport and storage to prevent bacterial growth. “Foodie” culture in particular emphasizes freshness and prevention of food borne illnesses...  Read more

March 21st2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

What is the EPA and why are refrigerants being reclaimed?

In July 9, 1970, President Nixon submitted Reorganization Plan No. 3 establishing the Environmental Protection Agency. In the president’s message to Congress regarding Reorganization Plan No. 3, he said that the government was “not structured to make a coordinated attack on the pollutant...  Read more

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